Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Game Props... More Research... #9

Game Props and Assets...

A dive into the topic of Prop and Asset creation threw up some real gold nuggets and some great advice for a budding 3D Artist.

One piece of pure gold that I stumbled upon was the direct link between the Props Concept Art and the Modelling of the Prop. I found a huge amount of advice on forums such as polycount.

But the one single piece of information I came away with was the very important need to have concept art or reference images to work form. It may seem like a totally obvious statement, but seeing a model made from memory vs one constructed from both memory and concept art/reference images is just huge... a bit of a slap in the face.

^ A great example of the vast amount of game props and assets that it takes to fill a game or feature film animation.

^ A GREAT video from Carbine Studio on the topic of Prop and Asset Creation for Games! (Youtube really does have some real golden nuggets hidden amongst all that poor quality trash.) This is a must watch, it really is an inspiring insight into the role of a Prop Artist in the Games Industry... up until the bit near the end which is in the form of a blooper ending. Hearing that last bit could be a bit soul crushing...