Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Initial Environment Concepts... #10

Environment Thumbnails...

Well, some of these are a touch bigger than thumbnail size, but its the thought that counts. I wasn't as interested about how big the doodles where as opposed to the actual drawings themselves.

Here, I use bleed-proof paper and a mixture of black marker and fine liner...

I was quite surprised when I sat down and started to draw these concepts out on paper. At the time it had been quite a while since I last put pen/pencil to paper - it was a rather bad phase, and it shows in the first image (top-right).

However as I tried to wrack my brains and scribbled away, it all started to come back to me and by the end of the first sheet of paper I was starting to get the hang of drawing again.

There was a slight focus on Temples and Magic... can you tell?