Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mood Boards... Continued... Continued... #8

Again with the Mood Boards...?A little foray into the land of Textures... and by foray I mean a mooch around google images searching for realistic textures that one might find in the likes of the initial Concept Art image provided in the Project Brief.

Realistic Textures...

Hand Painted Textures...

I also decided to explore hand painted textures too. This may or may not be of relevance to the project but it is still a worth while exploration of textures as I do have a slightly more bias interest in the more less real realities.

I like the fact that a lot of games strive for realism and that's great, it works well for the games that do go down that path, but I tend to think that things like 3D Animation shouldn't be about realism, that's what video cameras and live action are for.

I just happen to slightly suck at Digital Painting... which is a bit of a problem and something I really need to (and want to) investigate more. However, this project is more about the 3D Environment Sample rather than Digital Painting... Perhaps in the future when I have more time.