Monday, 5 August 2013

Animation Cycles & Sequences... (Continued) #11

Continuing on from my last Blog post... [ Animation Cycles & Sequences... #9 ]

It turns out Game Engines handle animation cycles and sequences in varying ways, some game engines handle these cycles and sequences very differently. Some can blend between the cycles. While other game engines need to have the sequences and cycles animated to a common pose, in order for them to blend together seamlessly.

Since none of these animation cycles and sequences that I'm creating are actually going to make it into a game engine, but instead a Demo Reel. - I think I'll just work under the assumption that if they where to be incorporated into a game engine, it'll be one that will be able to blend the cycles and sequences on its own.

Looking into this further, I found out that Game engines can also handle the animation (Cycle & Sequence files) differently too... some can handle all the animations being across multiple files - one animation per file. While others need the animations to be in one large file - requiring the animations to play out separately across one long time line instead.

The latter of the two meaning that when incorporating the file into the game engine, you'd need to tell the engine exactly what frame number to start on and end at for each particular cycle or sequence.