Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Relationship between Maya and UDK... #2

Maya and Game engines...

Although the technical information provided for the module submission along with the project brief states the final 3D Environment sample does not have to reach a game engine. It's still prudent for research purposes to investigate this relationship a little further.

As for the game engine in question, UDK was chosen as the game engine to investigate.

When modelling environments and objects/assets/props (or what ever you want to call it), its important to make sure that the Maya grid will match that of UDK. As importing models from maya into UDK may cause problems if the scale and proportion ratio isn't 1:1 [1 Maya Unit = 1 Unreal Unit 'uu'].

It might also be important to note that when importing objects from maya into the game engine (UDK), that it uses the origin point of the maya grid as a reference point when importing into UDK. So its always best to centre objects modelled in Maya to the origin point on the grid as seen in the image below.

Character Size Measurements:
[ UDK Character Size. ]
First before going straight to modelling in Maya, the grid system in Maya also has to be changed to match that of the UDK grid system. To set up the grid in Maya, go to:

Display ---> Grid Options.

When the Grid Options window pops up on your screen, you need to change the 'Length and Width', 'Grid lines every' and the 'Subdivisions' settings in the 'Size' tab. This will ensure Maya's grid units = 16uu in UDK.

Length/Width: 512
Grid Lines Every: 512
Subdivisions: 32