Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Computer Arts Practise - Project Brief #1

Project Brief:
Produce and develop a professional 3D environment sample suitable for a computer game engine.

Brief Digest:
The Client is developing a new game concept for to be presented to a publisher in the near future. They have commissioned you (the Artist) to mock up an environment sample from one of the concept art pieces they have provided.

You are to research, conceive and develop a professional quality 3D environment sample suitable for a game engine.

The Initial Concept Art:
[ By: Noah Bradley. ]

[ By: Noah Bradley. ]
[ By: Noah Bradley. ]
- Having a quick look up of Noah Bradley's on google, I found his own personal site. A quick skim through the site produced some more Concept Art by Bradley that had a similar look and style as that of the Initial Concept Art provided in the Brief. An excellent start to the project as it provides more insight into the original concept and a strong starting point for the project.