Sunday, 12 January 2014

Modular Design... #17

Modular Bridge Prop...

With this 3D prop, I decided it would be best to use a modular design. This time I also forgone the usual concept art as a test, using previous thumbnail environment concept art and focused more on using reference images only to produce the bridge - This being a slightly different but mostly very similar to the technique of  using concept art and reference to build assets for a scene/game.

Modular Bridge Section Repeated.

This youtube video gives a great explanation about resolution of texture maps when using a modular design approach as opposed to creating the bridge above as a single model and trying to fit the large amount of individual pieces that make up the whole sum of the bridge.

So in essence, by using a modular design with the bridge. I will be able to increase the resolution of the actual textures for it and thus come away with a texture map that will contain a lot more detail and less pixelation, compared to other assets/props within my 3D Environment Sample.