Tuesday, 14 January 2014

From Concept to Creation... #18

Continuing the process...

After exploring different modelling, UV and Texturing processes. I continued to flesh out the concept and start building more of the 3D Environment Sample. The metal sign attached to the wall was mostly created using simple polygon modelling, however, for the fancy metal swirl I used the CV Curve tool to extrude a flat polygon plane along the curve to create the final product.

I then moved on to create a simple wooden box and barrel, along with a basic wooden plank and a wooden shield. As for the wall I'm thinking something along the lines of a sandstone effect to keep in line with the initial concept art piece.

The steps will probably be made of stone.

UV Mapping as it happens...
UV Mapping the scene as it progresses, to ensure a streamlined process towards the end of the building process and an eased transition into the Texturing stage of the project.