Saturday, 10 August 2013

Game Character Attack Sequence... & Planning #13

Here is a look at the attack sequence I've done for the Game Character. 

Next I'll probably do an Idle Cycle if I have the time to animate it...

Something I've learnt while doing this attack sequence was the trick to fake 'idle' movement. By taking a static channel within the graph editor, selecting tangents and picking spline. This will add a curve to the static channel and make the motionless slightly lively. Its a pretty cool little tip to keep in mind while animating and I think it really helped to make this animation better than the previous walk cycle.

The biggest challenge with this animation was actually the gun and the holster. Due to the size and length of the gun and the limitations of the arm (realistic rotation etc...), the weapon draw had to be faked too. Because the weapon draw is quite a fast move, the weapon is able to clip through the holster without being overly noticeable.

Animation by: Scott Westwater. 

I've decided that by the time I have my final Game Animation Demo Reel completed, I want to try and have a little bit of everything. So using the Rigs I've secured, I want to try and have Rigs consisting of Biped (Two legs), Quadruped (Four legs), Apodal (No legs) & Hexapede (Six legs). Each animation test showing cycles and sequences such as walk cycles and attack sequences etc...

An Example - Final Demo Reel:
1- Blob Monster Walk Cycle. [Done]
2- Blob Monster Attack Sequence One. [Done]
3- Blob Monster Attack Sequence Two. [Done]
4- Blob Monster Attack Sequence Three.[Done]
4.1-Blob Monster Idle Cycle.
5- Game Character Walk Cycle.[Done]
6- Game Character Attack Sequence. [Done]
6.1-Game Character Lip-Synching.
6.2-Game Character Conversation Animation.
7- Wolf Pet Run Cycle.
8- Wolf Pet Idle Cycle.
9- Sea Creature Idle Cycle.
10-Sea Creature Attack Cycle.
11-Sea Creature Death Cycle.
12-Robot Vehicle Walk Cycle.
13-Robot Vehicle Attack Sequence.
14-Blue Man Walk Cycle One. [Done]
15-Blue Man Walk Cycle Two. [Done]
00-Extras-Game Character Sneek Walk Cycle.
00-Extras-Game Character Idle Cycle.
00-Extras-Game Character Jump Sequence.