Friday, 10 January 2014

A Simple Start... #14

The 3D Box of Doom...

Having established that its not worth modelling anything in 3D unless you have a solid piece of concept art and reference images. I started with that exact topic, nothing fancy, just simple and rough.

Starting with a rather simple prop, a wooden crate, I took a little time to look into techniques for Modelling and UVing as well as Texturing for 3D. Everything from maximising texture space on the UV maps to similar objects' UV's occupying the same Texture space. All these little tips built up and combined to make for a more smooth and much improved working process.

I feel that the advice to always use concept art and reference images is key to making a great prop.

Although the Wooden Crates UV Map looks very basic, you can see from the Textured Crate image that the verity in the three Wooden Crates is evident, not just a repeat pattern although they all use the exact same UV and Texture Map.