Friday, 18 October 2013

Planet Progression & Development Media Test #4

After some brain storming and mind maps, the original 2D planet image was revisited and a fictitious idea was applied to it. In order to spark a sense of purpose to the image and project, it was decided that a sense of story would be best applied to the project in order to justify it.

Having realised that the project might come up short if the only focus was to be 'world building' as per the original plan. The realisation was made that some sort of relevance was needed in order to justify this continued course of action. If a background story  was to be applied to the image, it would more likely take on a new form of realism - if only in a fictional sense at least. This in turn lead to an epiphany that the story would underpin the basis of the project and re-enforce the overall outcome of the final project.

While the initial planet image was akin to a barren desert planet, possibly unable to support life, some greenery was added. Further more part of the planet was left barren and developed to give it a slightly more decimated look. The idea of mining was applied to explain it's final visual image - A habitable planet that was slowly being turned into a barren body of rock, stripped of its valuable resources by a mining corporation, in order to supply raw materials to a galactic civilisation contained within a fictional universe.

Thus the birth of the Fabricom Mining Corporation... The name stemming from a pick-&-mix style of choices, through the use of a random name generator found on the Internet: [ Seventh Sanctum. ]