Friday, 27 September 2013

Creative Research - What's the initial plan? #1

My Interests?
Story Telling, Creative Writing, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Concept Art & Visual Development.

What am I doing? [Draft Version]
Story telling is something I have a great passion and interest for, I'd like to take this subject matter and apply it directly to my own creative endeavours; producing visually compelling imagery. Researching various story telling methodology and creative art techniques used across a range of mediums such as film and game; applying them directly to my own creativity.

Why am I doing this? [Draft Version]
I aim to improve my own story-telling skills by observing the methods and techniques of various writers and artists both famous and lesser-known, adapting them for use in conjunction with my own style of creativity, imagination, art and story telling.

What do I want to produce? [Draft Version]
Ideally I would like to walk away from this module with a portfolio of work, produced to a high standard, that would be worth showing off to potential employers. Initially I want to look at creating 2D/3D concept art ranging from; Worlds, Environments, Cultures, Creatures and Characters. Fleshing out a world in full to which I could then attach and build a story around.

Suggested Reading Material:
Film Language - Cinematography.

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Creative Research Module Overview:
#1 - Conduct a self driven research project.
#2 - Produce media outcomes informed by an exploratory journey of enquiry.
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