Friday, 16 August 2013

Research & Wolf Run Cycle #15

Reference Material (Slow Motion Wolf Run):

[Time Sequence - 0:27 -> 0:48]
Note: Mute the audio as it is a bit annoying...

Dog Running - Still Frames:

Practice Test:
Using Photoshop & Flash...

Animation by: Scott Westwater.

The Wolf Run:

Animated the basic foot movements for frames 1,6,11 & 30 the same on both sides, only changing the Translate X on the left side to the opposite of any value on the right side (E.g: Right Translate X = -1 Then Left Translate X = 1). Then went into the graph editor and flattened the tangents at frames 1 & 30 for all movement.

Animation by: Scott Westwater.

This was done with the intention of turning the synchronized movements to Asymmetrical
movements with a little bit of offset to make the overall movement less mechanical and
more organic.

Essentially copying the key frames from one side and in the graph editor, pasting them
in another twice on the time line and then moving the whole set back to offset the animation -
thus creating the asymmetrical animation.