Friday, 16 August 2013

Final Show Reel Animation Plan (List)... #21

Final Show Reel Animation List:
1- Blob Monster Walk Cycle. [Done]
2- Blob Monster Attack Sequence One. [Done]
3- Blob Monster Attack Sequence Two. [Done]
4- Blob Monster Attack Sequence Three.[Done]
5- Game Character Walk Cycle.[Done]
6- Game Character Attack Sequence. [Done]
7- Wolf Pet Run Cycle. [Done]
8- Sea Creature Idle Cycle. [Done]
9-Sea Creature Attack Cycle. [Done]
10-Sea Creature Death Cycle. [Done]
11-Robot Vehicle Walk Cycle. [Done]
12-Blue Man Walk Cycle One. [Done]
13-Blue Man Walk Cycle Two. [Done]
14-Wings Flapping Cycle. [Done]

The above list is in no specific order as of yet.


[Done] - Completed Cycles/Events + Rendered Targa Image Sequence.
[...] - Possible Additions If Time Permits.
[...] - Not Done Yet.