Thursday, 18 July 2013

Advanced Animation - An Introduction & Project Brief. #1

Project Brief:
You will develop and produce emotionally engaging character animation. You are free to use any form of animation you wish, but should experiment with both 2D and digital 3D forms prior to production to ensure the most appropriate form is chosen for your concept. To lead the development of your animation, you should select one of the following fields in which to specialise.

Three topics to choose from:
  • Narrative Animation.
  • Animation for Visual Effects.
  • Animation for Computer Games.

The final result of this project should result in a demo reel consisting of a varied number of animation test sets, using royalty free and educational only rigs. My chosen topic being 'Animation for Computer Games', the demo reel will consist of animation tests related to this topic and constructed in the same technical way that any type of animation for a game engine might be used for Industry standard use.

[Animation for Computer Games] - My desired project selection.